Three Winning Mindsets for The Modern Salesperson

Welcome to The Modern Salesman, a new space for measured insights and intentional methods that help you and your team sell with purpose. Our aim is to be your key resource to help you and your business improve the way you find, sell, and close business to outperform and achieve results.

Any business founder, rep, manager or entrepreneur worth their salt will agree – sales is where the rubber meets the road and true progress is made in business. You could have the most perfect product in the world, a killer design team, and state-of-the-art manufacturing to bring it to market. Your service might be second-to-none in your realm and your offering positively incredible. In fact, I’m sure it is. But – and this is a big but – it all means nothing if the people tasked with translating this magnificent product or service do it ineffectively and in an outdated way.

Organizations spend so much time training their salespeople on what they are supposed to sell, but so often they spend little to no time educating them on how to sell it. Again and again, I’ve watched as ham-handed sales “professionals” botch interaction after interaction, deal after deal, wasting prime prospects and losing ground with key accounts as they learn along the way. This mindless slog will leave any business or entrepreneur sunk unless remedied and the only way forward is to make a change for the better – to revolutionize the way you perform your sales activities. This is where the modern salesman comes in.

The Modern Salesman possesses measured but insatiable focus, presents a refined method and manner, and most importantly – carries the tools to deliver on promises and produce results.

The Modern Sales Method

Today, let’s talk about three key principles that are essential to the modern sales technique:

  1. A Measured and Insatiable Focus
  2. A Refined Method and Manner
  3.  Using Proven Concepts to Smash Your Goals and Keep Climbing

1. A Measured and Insatiable Focus

Insatiable focus is all about coming prepared with a plan.

Freshly hired people starting their career in sales tend to mimic different things they’ve seen on their television and in the movies. This usually consists of a too-happy voice, a positively radiant smile and a supplicating attitude that leads them directly down the path to a firm ‘No thanks – not interested‘ from prospects. This is wasting opportunities for your personal goals and the goals of your business. Failing to plan is as good as planning to fail. So why do we have our sales teams going in blind without a specific plan to sell? Bringing intention to your strategy will ensure your success.

If you’re going to play, you must play to win.

2. A Refined Method and Manner

Every interaction and touch must be shaped perfectly to produce results.

A refined method sends your clients a clear message and leaves nothing on the table. A concise manner fosters success within your team and reinforces only the best aspects of your product and culture. If your process is clumsy, the salespeople representing you will come across as clumsy. No prospect or client wants to be bogged down with excessive shoptalk, jargon and hoops through which they and their sales representative need to jump. Individually, honest behaviour, defined style and clear tone create trust and build relationships directly from the ground up. Create a presence that your prospects will become obsessed with.

Pairing a refined method with a refined manner creates integrity both clients and salespeople crave.

3. Proven Concepts to Smash Your Goals and Keep Climbing

Leveraging data and statistics along with key theories to create true and lasting success.

Whether you are a sales rep beating the street, a sales manager hoping to boost your team’s numbers, a self-employed sales agent, or an entrepreneur trying to gain traction for your own business, you understand the need to drive sales or your business will not survive. Identify your highest value prospects, track how and where you reach them, and gain the edge when it comes to closing them. Every salesperson is fascinated with their progress towards their goal (and the bonus that hopefully comes along with it), but too often they neglect to track the stats that matter. From corporate b2b sales, to real estate, to a founder trying to get their idea in front of key power-players, you must leverage your efforts where they count most.

Gain and keep the advantage that will drive pure results – and use this weight to keep doing it.

Join me in exploring this exciting new method and so much more in the coming days and weeks. I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you are too.

Happy Selling,

Welcome to becoming a Modern Salesman.

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